Geotechnical Advice

Geotechnical Advice

Our advice is based on our own knowledge often gained on challenging major projects which have in many cases pushed the boundaries of the state of the art.

Prior to construction we can undertake reviews of contractual conditions and carry out risk analysis to reduce the risk of problems developing later. Based on many years of experience on major international projects we can provide cost and programme advice to assist clients at early budget definition stages or later during tender review. Also pre-start, we can assist in the preparation of method statements and selection of construction plant and materials particularly in the specialist areas of ground improvement, bored piling and diaphragm walling.


  • • Project management
  • • Design management
  • • Risk management


  • • Contract review
  • • Risk analysis
  • • Cost estimation
  • • Programming

Trouble Shooting

  • • Site visits and problem solving
  • • Site supervision
  • • Construction materials and testing

Our advisory services extend to include the design and testing of construction materials such as ready mixed concrete. We can also provide specifications for the load testing of anchors and foundation piles or the monitoring of the performance of slopes and embedded retaining walls and carry our subsequent interpretation of the results. In cases where problems develop during construction whether it be lack of productivity or defective works we can undertake site visits to provide an independent unbiased assessment of the situation leading to proposals for corrective actions.