Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical Design

We provide design solutions which are innovative, cost effective and buildable and which strike the right balance between economy and robustness.

Scoping of ground investigation
Interpretation of ground conditions
Feasability studies
Value engineering
Peer review
Independent design checks

Through our many years of experience in the construction of deep foundations and excavations acquired with contractors, we have developed a keen eye for buildability and economy in design. However, the basis of project success usually starts with a thorough understanding of the ground conditions and associated risks and in this context we can advise on the scope of ground investigations and provide an interpretation of conditions for a wide range of projects.

  • • Feasability studies
  • • Value engineering
  • • Peer review
  • • Scoping of ground investigation
  • • Interpretation of ground conditions
  • • Independent design checks

Once the ground conditions have been reliably established, there may be a number of solutions available to the designer. We can provide a feasibility assessment of different foundation options together with cost comparisons to inform the selection of the most appropriate solution. We can evaluate the most suitable foundation technique according to the ground conditions, applied loads and site constraints whether it may be a piled solution or a conventional shallow foundation with or indeed without ground improvement. We can also advise on the relative benefits and costs of different methods of embedded retaining wall construction, piled foundations or ground improvement. Our input is informed by our knowledge of the very latest developments in specialist construction methods and equipment.

Sometimes the introduction of an innovative form of construction can be the difference which allows a project to progress from the drawing board to the construction site or can provide the winning edge for a bid team tendering for a project. We can bring fresh ideas together with keen design solutions to enable for example, the economic construction of deep sub structures in soft ground with high groundwater table. Often a project can benefit from an independent external review by a fresh set of eyes to ensure that the design solution adopted is sufficiently robust without being over-designed. In this environment we can challenge the status quo in order to help bring out the best solutions from the design team. We can also review the construction details such as reinforcement detailing for buildability and compliance with the relevant specifications and codes. We can also provide a fully independent design check with associated Category III check certification which may be required on major infrastructure projects or in cases where new construction may have some potential influence on existing highways, railways or utilities.